Soul Healing Day

 Soul Healing Day

 10.30am to 4pm approx, £65

 Explore your current and past lives; highlighting any issues from them, that may still be affecting your soul and your ability to progress and enjoy this life fully. This will be carried out in a gentle and healing; yet powerful way, through meditation and more with the angels.

Through this workshop you may find some answers and you will experience healing (on a soul level) from the Archangels; to help you move forward in this life and reach your full potential.

Past lives may affect any aspect of your current life including relationships. Perhaps you keep repeating the same patterns for example or find you are 'magnetised' to someone and just can't seem to 'let go' even though you know the relationship is not right for you.

We will work closely with angels and archangels throughout the day for releasing, healing, letting go and moving forward.

You may find that you are able to heal from emotional issues; benefit from an easing of current symptoms, reduce the effects of phobias, notice improvements in relationships and more.

The day will include visualisation, meditation and work in pairs to gain further insight and healing. Group numbers are kept small for a greater connection between attendees and more personal tuition.

 Materials and refreshments are included for your investment of £65. Please bring something to share for a healthy light lunch. Please click on the Paypal button to book (no Paypal account required to pay via card) Installment options are available (payment in 2 or 3 installments available online but can be more flexible on request) and if you prefer to pay via cash or bank transfer please get in touch.


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