Finding Your Inner Joy

Finding Your Inner Joy  

10am to 2pm, Suffolk

Working with angels, goddesses & other light beings throughout this wonderful day will help you to:

1. Balance and open your heart chakra; express yourself more fully and let go of inhibitions that may be holding you back.

2. Release your inner goddess; allowing the real you to begin to shine.

3. Nurture and express your inner child; learning to love yourself more.

4. Step through your comfort zone and allow yourself to keep growing as a person.

5. Connect to your higher self and get to know and understand the real you.

We will use meditation, visualisation and various other techniques in a safe, nurturing environment with a small group that allows you to express yourself fully and connect with others on the day.

Materials and refreshments included; but please bring something for a shared healthy lunch.


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I look forward to helping you take another step forward on your journey.