Spiritual Life Coaching Session

Spiritual Life Coaching/Soul Purpose Session with Louise

Louise works with angels, higher beings and your guides along with your higher self/your soul to assertain your wishes for this life and anything that may be holding you back from past lives or from earlier in your current life.  Archangel Michael and others work with Louise to help you move forward from challenges and to let go of any fear, guilt, hurt, pain, unforgiveness, previous vows or commitments and more.

Some time will then be spent gaining clarity on your soul purpose and soul contracts for this life. We will look at different areas of your life as they arise during the session and highlight any issues or obstacles to be resolved. You will leave the session with some clear suggestions of posititve actions to reach your goals and your full potential. You are likely to feel you have a greater understanding of why you are here in this life and how you can feel more fulfilled by stepping further onto your true path.

  Feedback from a client: I have had the good fortune to experience two soul-purpose sessions with Louise over the last year or so. Both were extremely insightful and delightful moments of calm in my busy-busy life. Both have also produced significant shifts in how I view my world and what I understand my life’s purpose to be - and big changes and transformations have occurred as a result. Louise’s skills were definitely pivotal in these shifts –the safe environment Louise creates allowed me to connect with my spirit and angel team and to work in absolute faith that I am protected, loved and supported whilst I transition through this phase. The soul-purpose sessions were gifts I gave myself permission to have. I would wholeheartedly recommend Louise and have been encouraging my friends to invest in their long-term happiness and life-goals by taking time out and sitting with Louise in a Soul-Purpose session. And finally, I just wanted to say a personal thank-you to Louise again and wish her all the best, looking forward to working with you again soon. Rachel, Colchester, Essex

Various tools are used during a one to one session; often including work with angel cards, discussion/spiritual counselling, personal meditation with soul healing work and additional Archangel Healing if required. Using the cards and talking through any issues and where they may have arisen from; usually creates a healing shift in itself. The meditation and/or healing will then help to improve things further (letting energy go, cutting cords etc) and we will also spend time afterwards highlighting any key positive actions to help you move forward and reach your full potential in this life; in line with your soul purpose and soul contracts/agreements for this life.

During the session it may also be suggested that you attend particular groups or workshops as follow up work for your further development, healing and understanding or to try particular books for example; but any further purchases or bookings with Angel Creations are of course at your own discretion and never compulsory. You may also like to consider a soul healing session.

The session usually lasts 2-3 hours and costs £88. Please note that appointments are available between Wednesday and Saturday daytime only (but Fridays & Saturdays are very limited availability due to groups & workshops).

Payment can be made by paypal/card (please let me know your email address and I will invoice you) or bank transfer in advance (ask for details) or by cash on the day. Please note cancellations received with less than a full months notice will result in a charge for the session being made, thank you.

    Let the angels help you to heal and move forward!