Spiritual Development Guidance Session

 Spiritual Development Guidance with Louise:

This is a consultation and coaching session for those that are looking for guidance on aspects of opening up spiritually, connecting with angels & light beings, coping with energy shifts and ascension; moving forward through life's challenges and more.

  By connecting with angels & light beings and working with her guides and yours; Louise will gently guide you through your spiritual development, life changes and suggestions on how to move forward to allow you to reach your full potential.

The angels will not 'tell' you what to do but can offer support and comfort and where needed point you towards helpful information, places or people. Sometimes we all just need a little help to take the first step towards a new life; more in line with our soul purpose or to take that next step after feeling stuck, held back or having our confidence knocked. It is often the case that we simply need help with trusting our intuition or reconnecting with our higher self and guardian angel; so that we can move forward with that 'inner knowing' and faith.

  During the session there will be the chance to ask questions and have a discussion about any current feelings or situations in your life. Louise will also do whatever the angels guide her towards such as select some angels cards for further insight or confirmation, give hands on Archangel Healing as directed or channel a personal healing and transformational meditation to remove 'blocks' and so on. You may also be given any relevant 'hand outs' as follow up reading as Louise has a stock of information previously channeled from the angels.

 During the session it may also be suggested that you attend particular groups or workshops as follow up work for your further development and understanding or to try particular books for example; but any further purchases or bookings with Angel Creations are at your own discretion and never compulsory. 

The session usually lasts 2-3 hours and costs £88. Please note that appointments are available between Wednesday and Saturday daytime only (but Fridays & Saturdays are very limited availability due to groups & workshops).

Payment can be made by paypal/card (please let me know your email address and I will invoice you), cheque or bank transfer in advance (ask for details) or by cash on the day. Please give 24 hours notice if possible for a cancellation and longer for transfer to another date, thank you.