Angel Wisdom From Newsletters

Gathered here are excerpts from recent Angel Wisdom emails sent to those on the mailing list.

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At times our lives can feel overwhelming and there seems to be far too much to deal with all at once. When you feel like that it is important to take some time out. If you feel stressed or that you are running out of time; panic can set in and then you cannot work as quickly anyway. Just taking a few minutes out to walk in the garden and connect with nature or a half hour walk in a nearby park or forest will revive you. While you are there, ask in your mind for the nature spirits to come close and bring you healing. By taking time out to clear your mind and become centred again you; will be able to go back and approach everything with fresh eyes. Prioritise your tasks. Be honest with yourself. Does everything really need doing today or at all. Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard or being a perfectionist.

 True friends and loved ones do not mind a pile of washing in the corner or a bit of dust. Focus on what must be done right now and forget the rest. Tackle housework and so on when you are having a more energised day; put on your favourite music and ask the angels to give you the motivation and energy to get things done. Most of all remember that life is for living and you are on the earth to enjoy your time here above all else and to connect with the souls around you that you chose to incarnate with.

 Love and blessings from the angels & nature spirits, Amen.


The time has come to take steps towards reaching your souls goals for this lifetime. Put aside your fears and take that first step. Perhaps you need to do some research or talk to someone to find out more or start to put things in place so that you can make changes. Until you begin to move forward and send out the signals that you would like this change to happen things will continue as they are. This is not the case for everyone but if you feel that you are not where you are meant to be or doing what you really want to do, then it probably means that your soul yearns to be elsewhere or doing something different.
Each of us decide on lessons we would like to learn whilst on earth before we are even born and when we are not making good headway or not in the right place to start with our lifes purpose then our soul/higher self gets frustrated. This frustration can lead to depression or pent up anger if left longterm. The angels urge you this month as we approach the Spring Equinox; a time of new beginnings and great change, to listen to your inner guidance about whether you are truly happy with all things in your life at present. If the answer is no and changes need to be made this is a great time to ask the angels for help and send out positive thoughts to the universe to bring about the life you do want. You can even create a vision board with images and phrases to help speed up your manifestation of positive changes.
Don't delay; start today. Make that call, google that info, read that book, visit that place. That first step will send ripples of positive energy to help things flow in the right direction for you. You can carry on moaning about your job or being fed up with different aspects of your life or you can do something about it and live a more fulfilling life. The one you planned before you came to the earth.
With Love and Blessings from Archangel Michael and other light beings
I have started writing an update with Angel wisdom a few times over the last couple of months but each time something would happen and it didn't get finished or the timing just wasn't right. This highlighted something which the angels have guided me to write about previously; the importance of the timing always being right, divine timing.
However much we try to force things and fight against what is happening to us and around us, things will only happen or move forward at the correct time.
Sometimes we need time and space to step back and look at our lives and work out what our dreams and goals actually are; before we are allowed to move forward. This time out can even make you realise that your vision for the future has actually changed but you are still heading in the same direction as you were previously. You may need to take stock and then realising how you really feel, take that other turning. Perhaps in the direction that you had previously avoided as it wasn't right for you before or you had fear. Fear is the biggest thing to hold you back from realising your dreams. The angels ask you to let go of fear and realise that the possibilities are endless and have no boundaries. If you think you are not capable of something it is probably that little voice of self doubt putting fear in the way.
The angels again remind you that they can help you to release this fear and achieve what you want out of life. Our souls have the gift of incarnation on earth and the angels want us to make the most of our time here and to enjoy it. When you know which direction you are heading in; ask the angels to help you start to take steps towards your goals. Make 2011 the year of change in the right direction; towards the life you truly desire.
Occasionally we all need reminding of what is really important and how much luckier we are than others, even if times are tough. Recently I have been reminded how lucky most of us are to have the luxury of modern living in this part of the world. Whenever I start to moan about the shower going cold or appliances not working properly and so on; I am then reminded that there are those that do not have these luxuries and have very basic living conditions. In fact some do not even have a roof over their heads. It is important to remember as often as possible how lucky we are and send out thoughts and feelings of gratitude. If you do not already, you may like to regularly write down the things you are grateful for in your life. If you are finding things hard at the moment as many of us are going through financial difficulties, health worries or major life changes which are unsettling; just taking a few minutes to focus on the things you are grateful for, will send out the right energy to the angels and the universe to bring forward more of what you are grateful for and help to ease any current problems.
The angels are grateful to you for the love and thanks you already send out into the atmosphere and ask you to continue this. In return they will as always send you love and blessings and be there when you ask for help.