Inspired writing

These pieces of writing and poetry have been written with the help of the Angels and spirit guides. Copyright belongs to Angel Creations and nothing should be reproduced without permission, thank you:

 Angels of Peace

The Angels of peace are with you. Call upon them for strength and guidance. Never feel alone or lost as the angels are always there. Feel them close by with a warm glow; a touch on the cheek or wings around you for love and protection. The more you notice and open up to the angelic realm, the more they will show you signs and guide you on life's path.
Ask your guardian angel to come close in difficult times and they will lift your spirits and guide you gently forward towards happier times. Never be afraid to ask; nothing is too much trouble, we are here to help.
We send love and peace to you all


Wisdom of an oak tree
The splender of an old oak tree
Giving shade for you and me
Years of wisdom to impart
But where would you even start
Would you warn us of what will become
Of the earth because of what we’ve done
Do you offer guidance of what we should do
To become peaceful and graceful like you
Tell us a tale of years gone by
The people that have sat here and why
Perhaps you would rather just watch and see
Sending healing love and peace to me
And all those that are good to you
Sending you love and blessings too.

 Endless Gratitude

Remember to be grateful for the little things; give thanks for what you have. By sending out this vibration of gratitude you create channels of positive energy. This in turn will help you to manifest what you truly desire. Focus on the good things in your life but also be grateful for the opportunities presented to you when times are hard. You are given these chances to develop your soul and become much stronger; so there is still cause to be thankful.

Visualise what you need and your desired outcomes and feel grateful as if they are already yours. This will speed up the manifestation. Fears and doubts only serve to block your positive outomes from materialising. When you have sent gratitude and clear visualisation, release these wishes to the universe and the angelic realm so that they can assist in making it manifest.

Stay focussed and upbeat, do everything in love and you will be surprised at how things work out and how quickly your material needs will manifest.



Mother earth needs our help


Dear precious ones, guardians of light

Please take action now, we need your help

Mother earth is suffering,

 and we need to put it right

Some good progress has been made

In simple changes taking place

But greater work needs to be done

To save this home for the human race


Please campaign and change others views

To realise the importance of our plight

If everyone made simple changes

This would build together

For a more dramatic fight

And we need to make sure this issue

Is at the forefront of the daily news


Keep the message clear and strong

That we are all responsible for this earth

To protect and love it for the future

Praying for it day and night

Send your healing earthbound too

And the earth, dear mother

Will send love and protection back towards you


Bright blessings to you all.


Spreading Love & Light

Do not forget the path of time and what has made you the person that you are today; but do not dwell on the past and any hurt or pain. Focus instead on what you have learnt and the strength you have gained. Take a little something from every experience in life as it shapes you and allows you to come into contact with many souls. Even a small, brief meeting or conversation or a smile may affect someones life in a special way or brighten their day. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. If you are friendly and loving every day this will ripple and wave amongst others and spread love and light all around. This wonderful energy will build and expand and make headway against negative waves circling mother earth. You are needed little ones, lovers of light. What you bring to the earth each day is pushing the negativity away and for this we are truly grateful.

Love & Light from the Angels.


In The Moment

Take pleasure in even the mundane tasks,

the everyday chores and routines.

Treat everything as an opportunity,

Still your mind, relax and breath,

As you go about the daily 'grind',

With your mind you can focus,

Taking your soul to a higher place,

Visualise clearly where you wish to be,

If you struggle along the way,

Ask the angels for a little help,

And in no time you will see,

Your life will change to a different pace,

And doors will open easily,

If you choose a path of light,

Helping others along the way,

It will make it even easier,

For us to be with you every day,

Just remember there may be a reason,

Why you are where you are now,

If you have been led to this place,

The angels will find a way,

To help you get through alright,

And reach and connect with the souls,

That you come across each day.


Just next door
Just next door, not far away
With the other children I will play
Love is endless through time and space
You will often see my face
I bring you love and peace of a dove
And shapes in the clouds above
Watch and you will see I’m here
Try not to always shed a tear
There’s a happy connection between you and me
Forever there it will be
Remember our time with love and joy
Then be ready for another girl or boy
Your little ‘angel’
                                                                             Eagle’s Flight
Graceful eagle soaring up high
Visions of mountains, forests and lakes
Feeling the freedom of the sky
Ever watchful of our mistakes
If only we could have your sight
To appreciate the beauty we are given
Feeling the wonders of our sun, and the moon at night
It is not too late; we can still be forgiven
We take your wisdom and elegance
And imagine ourselves just as free
For now we still have a chance
To be grateful for earth’s beauty.
A Magnet for Abundance
What you focus on, you will attract
You are a magnet for the way you act
Keeping your focus with positive intention
Will bring in more than we could mention
Of all things that you may need
Abundance and happiness with love indeed
If you forget and start to fret
This will of course have the opposite effect
Turn your attention to love and good deeds
Do not get carried away with greed
And you will be rewarded tenfold
With Angel blessings bright and bold.
Keep the faith, love from your angels.
                                                                                Making space
Sometimes it is necessary to release the old in order to let in the new. Free up some space in your mind, heart and soul.
Do not cling to what is no longer needed. Move on, cut cords and let go of emotions in a loving but powerful way and in its place there will be light.
Some changes can be quite dramatic and a little scary but have faith; trust your instincts and all will be well.
There are times when we no longer feel connected to particular people or places. Energetically and spiritually we are being moved on.
Sometimes we must create these spaces to allow room for our spiritual roles to enter and take shape. At these times, as we follow our soul’s path we truly start to blossom.
Changing Energies
This is your time to move forward and shine your light. There are great changes needed as we head towards 2012; so please don't delay. The more people we can bring into the light; the easier the transition will be for many. Some will struggle with the new energies and there will be a high level of anxieties and feelings of depression. We need your help to ease others through this by helping them understand why they feel this way and sending them healing and light to allow them to adjust to the changing energies.
Please remain steadfast on your spiritual path; do not falter. Remain true and strong and work closely with your guides and the angels to lift the energies of those around you and of mother earth.
We love you all, thank you'