Personal Guardian Angel/Soul Paintings

 Personalised Channelled Paintings:

Louise May offers you the opportunity to own a painting of your own Guardian Angel with healing energy or a personal painting Soul Healing Painting with images & energy/coding just for you!

By connecting with your energies and linking with your Guardian Angel and guides I am able to channel a painting specifically for you. Each painting I channel radiates with healing energy which will both help you and lift the energies of any room.  Each painting is very different and personal and helps you to connect with your Guardian Angel and/or experience soul healing.

Angels show themselves in various forms and therefore some paintings will be more abstract than others but the majority show themselves in a near human form to put you at ease and allow you to connect with them better initially. They may show themselves with wings but this is not always the case.

To order your painting please use the Paypal button to pay by card (you don't need a Paypal account to do this).


If we haven't met; an email picture of you would be helpful although not essential.

 If you would like to purchase a painting as a gift for someone please send me their name and their picture if you have one.  If needed I can provide a gift certificate including an example image of the paintings like the one pictured here. I can also produce paintings of the guardian angel of an unborn child to help them with their transition to earth once they are born (please give as much notice as possible).

I am guided regarding the exact canvas and range of colours for each painting I do; however if you require a particular colour range then please let me know and I will do my best to work with your request. Each painting is produced on a primed pre-stretched canvas in acrylic paint and is supplied without an additional frame (although suitable to display as is). 

Paintings can be collected from my home in Suffolk. If you require delivery, postage and packaging is extra (please enquire).

After ordering your name will be added to a list of commisions and I do each one as soon as I am able to.

You are welcome to pay via installments or make an initial deposit using the paypal button below or get in touch to arrange alternative payment options or smaller installments, thank you.

Please note: Louise May Angel Medium/Angel Creations may use an image of your painting for promotional purposes or to create prints for others to enjoy.


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