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Archangel Uriel brings you peace love & healing

Archangel Uriel and Friends

There is quite a lot going on in this image and there was a very strong energy around at the time of painting, so much so that it was hard to control the paintbrush at times. When I stand in front of this painting I can see and feel the healing energy vibrating from it. 

A Native American guide appears for protection as well as Archangel Uriel who is bringing peace, love and healing. This painting was channelled with the help of Angels and Spiritual Guides and is produced in Acrylic paint on canvas. Each painting has a special message on the back containing words given at the time it was channelled.

This image remains the property of Angel Creations and may not be used without permission. Some paintings are for sale and some are retained in my personal collection. Please email for further information.

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