FREE Resources

Angel Creations aims to be a beacon of light for those that are a little lost and in need of a bit of guidance. We appreciate that not everyone currently has the time or money to attend workshops or regular development groups and have therefore been guided to set up this page with some useful information you can download for free. More information will be added in the future :


Grounding & Protection Guidance 30 kB 763
Suggestions for Grounding 26 kB 676
Suggestions for Protecting Your Energy 39 kB 687
Angel Signs 470 kB 875
Guardian Angels 21 kB 757
Angel Wisdom - Taking charge of your life 34 kB 734
What is Ascension? 27 kB 762
Effects of Ascension 28 kB 671
Coping with effects of Ascension 29 kB 855
The Power of Thoughts & Feelings 38 kB 815
Archangel Raphael for Healing 14 kB 699
Many Archangels to help you 24 kB 705
Angel Heart Chakra Healing 38 kB 680
Sending Energy Healing By Distance 109 kB 645