Angel Experiences

My Angel Experiences

I have had several angel experiences in my life which has brought me to the point I am at now and encouraged me to work with them further. Today I continue to regularly experience sensing, seeing and being guided by angels. They are very much a part of my everyday life through the little signs they show me to point me in the right direction and the constant input in my guidance sessions, workshops, paintings and writing.

I have begun to collect together some of my experiences here for you. If you have experienced anything similar please feel free to email me and especially if you think your story could be a source of inspiration and hope for others.

Angel Visions:

Over 10 years ago I attended a workshop at a Spiritualist Church in Suffolk. This was a spiritual development workshop and during the day we were giving readings for each other. I had a reading from a guy named Chris. He brought my Nan through and gave me some guidance from her. He then said that she was standing behind me and saying 'look' and pointing up to the top right corner of the room and also saying 'believe what you see'. I said thank you but couldn't understand what this was all about.

I didn't think much more of it and then later that day when I was in bed but still with my lamp on; I was just relaxing and thinking when I heard a noise and realised that something had fallen off my shelf. This made me look up and then those words popped into my head ' look' and 'believe what you see' and my Nan pointing to the corner of the room. This made me look a little to the side towards the corner of the room.

As I focussed on this area I began to see a small 3D hologram of an angel. It was turning round constantly very slowly. I was so amazed by this and felt very privileged to have been shown something so special. It brought tears to my eyes. I had already believed in angels but this was further confirmation for me. A little after this day I saw other angels in hologram form in my bedroom sometimes appearing slightly larger and sometimes with golden or silver shimmering.

I often see angels as a big mass of colour appearing in my room at night with blue, green, pink or purple for different angels. I have even seen my husband being healed by angels with colour flowing over him. Recently I have also begun to see Archangels and my own and other people's Guardian angels.

A Christmas Present from the Angels:

On Christmas day 2010, after a very busy day hosting Christmas dinner and then visiting others in the evening I was laying wide awake and finding it hard to unwind at around 1am. I started sensing energy and a slight buzzing and looked to the side. I then saw a mass of pink and purple and could just make out a full figure of an angel and a face. It felt very powerful (almost too powerful) and I feel the angel sensed this so they then became minature as they moved closer to me and I could see a clearer image as they hovered near my head. After this I sensed they were giving me healing and I eventually managed to relax and get to sleep after saying 'thank you angels for my lovely Christmas present', with tears in my eyes.

Angel Numbers:

The angels communicate with me a great deal through numbers. I few years ago it seemed that every time I looked at a digital clock, computer clock and so on it was either 11:11 or 11 past the hour. It happened several times a day. I looked on the internet and it appeared that this was the angels calling card and a way of getting your attention.

For about 2/3 weeks I kept seeing 9:11 and 10:10 on digital displays, clocks, phones, computers, mobile and so on. I knew for sure that the angels were trying to tell me something but I just didn't know what. I was just friends with my now husband at the time and I was just getting to know him more. We had been for a day out in London together as friends (a belated treat for my birthday) and we realised we actually had a lot in common and got on well. I was then on leave from work for a couple of weeks soon after that so I suggested having a day out during that week.

He was due to pick me up at 10:30 on the day. I had a bit of a lay in (being on holiday from work) and woke up, suddenly looking at my mobile. The time was exactly 9:11 and I realised that the date was in fact 9:11 if written the American way. I was getting ready when I heard a text come through on my phone. I looked and it was from him saying he had arrived early and to come down when I was ready. I checked the time it was sent and it was 10:10. We had a good day out with another friend too and then I asked what he was doing that evening. We made plans to meet up again and that was the evening we got together. The angels were sending so many signs that they meant for us to get together that day.

Since then I have experienced various number messages from the angels such as 222, 333, 444, 555, 1221, 2112, 22, 33 and many more. I find that it is not just digital clock displays now. I will also pay for items in a shop and it will frequently come to 444 or I will be given a table in a restaurant and it will often be number 11 or 22. It still happens to me several times a day. I recommend Doreen Virtue's book 'Angel Numbers' to learn more about what the angels may be trying to say to you if you have this experience too.

Other Angel Experiences:

Most of you will know of the chain text messages that get sent around, some of them can be fairly annoying I know. Well early in the relationship with my now husband I received a text from a friend which suggested that forwarding it on would send angel blessings to my friends but also that something wonderful would happen to me that evening at exactly 11pm. Instead of dismissing it I felt the urge to actually send it on this time (especially as there was nothing treatening or offensive in the subject matter).

Later that night we were chilling out and listening to music when all of a sudden my partner said 'do you realise I have fallen in love with you'. Instead of the kind of reaction he was expecting I went 'oh my goodness, what time is it'. He looked stunned. I realised it was exactly 11pm. I then had to explain why I had that reaction and he said that he had suddenly felt really compelled to say it at that time and couldn't hold it in. Pretty amazing I think. So don't always be so quick to dismiss those chain texts if they have a lovely message included.

Another time we were relaxing and my partner was laying across my lap while I did Reiki healing on his head. The lights were dim and as I gazed into the room I suddenly saw what looked like a little pink coloured butterfly (but more likely an angel or fairy). It floated around for a bit and then came close and settled onto my partner's head. It then changed form and briefly displayed the words 'future husband' across his forehead. I didn't tell him at the time though as I didn't want to scare him off. I waited until we actually discussed marriage before I finally told him!

One day we were watching TV when in the middle of the film the word 'Hello' quickly flashed across the actresses forhead. I hesitated for a second, stunned and then said to my husband 'did you see that' and he said 'yes I did' but I don't think he could quite believe his eyes. We were sure that our angels and loved ones had found a way to say hello to us.