About Angel Creations

Louise's work is widening and developing as she works closer with the Divine Feminine/Mother God and Magdalene/Goddess energies along with a further connection with light beings from other planets and galaxies who are bringing us wisdom for raising the energies of the earth (and our own vibration to match it) and Ascended Masters who come close to help us reach our full potential.

The business is currently on hold while Louise focusses on her family, health and artistic pursuits and decides what direction to take things in at some point in the future, thank you.


My background is mainly in marketing, PR and events management.  I changed my career path several years ago when I had some personal challenges which lead to me having some time off work. Although this period in my life was difficult; I am now grateful for this opportunity; as at the time I gained an interest in alternative therapies. After learning some therapies and being attuned to Reiki (universal energy healing) my spiritual journey really accelerated and my aims, outlook and interests totally changed.

 A few years ago I was given the name 'Angel Creations' by the Angels and told I would be working with it in the future. I was so sure of this guidance that I even bought the domain name! I am pleased to be working for spirit and closely with the Angels; helping many people along their spiritual path, bringing more people into the light and reaching a wider audience through my website and facebook page.

I particularly enjoy helping people to achieve the life they truly desire and deserve; by empowering and inspiring them through readings, spiritual development and healing with the angels, so that they can reach their full potential in this life.

I also get a great deal of enjoyment out of being creative whilst connected with angels. I hope you enjoy browsing some of the angelic art and inspired writing I have so far added to this website. I also continue to add further resources to download from the free downloads section as I feel many people are looking for a little bit of guidance and I would like to provide some which can be easily accessed with the help of the angels. We are in the middle of a major period of spiritual awakening as the earth's energies change and there will be many souls who are now becoming more aware spiritually aware but may feel a little lost or confused. I would like to offer them comfort and guidance through this website and my work.

I hope you enjoy browsing and remember to regularly check for event updates, workshops and more.